Meet Gleep!

Gleep is our guardian.  He watches over all of the beads and beaders.  
He's even known to provide some inspiration!

Gleep's friends are looking for homes of their own. 
If you'd like to adopt a dragon, call us!

Gleep's cousin, Valborg, has joined our realm!  
He's an award winning dragon and looking for a good home!

Valborg is no beanie baby!  This incendiary infant was meticulously hand 
crafted over nine weeks from over 10,000 tiny beads.
He has a few cousins and his family is growing, but he's one of a kind!  
A lover of flame-licked pinkie fingers (medium rare), he doesn't need a grill.
His hobbies include chasing cats, napping in the toaster oven and frightening 
very small children.  Beware! Valborg is vain and will hog the bathroom
mirror every morning, if allowed.  Due to safety reasons, please ensure all 
other pets and children are flame retardant.  If Valborg is your kind of fun;
for a reasonably dragon-sized fee, he's willing to permanently stash his 
treasure under your bed.